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Reader Response (1-10)Edit

With beginning the novel looking through the "Reader Response" critical lens, it is obvious right away that 10 year-old Jane Eyre has some intensely difficult experiences, and some heart-wrenching feelings very early on in her life. The first instance that truly struck me was when Jane spilled her feelings mercilessly upon Mrs. Reed. Jane exclaimed "How dare I Mrs. Reed? Because it is the truth. You think I have no feelings, and that I can do without one but of love or kindness" (48). Here, Jane didn't fail to make her feelings known as well as comprehended. This passage caught my attention because I often want to share my feelings in this manner, but I rarely ever do. Jane's bravery took over, and even if it may not have benefitted someone else, it sure benefitted her. The second and last instance within these chapters that stood out to me was when Jane, again, spills her feelings to Helen, her only sincere friend. Jane "proceeded forthwith to pour out, in [her] own way, the tale of [her] sufferings and resentments" (79). Here we see Jane's fearless attitude when it comes to speaking her mind. I felt comforted at this point because Jane had finally found someone who truly cared about her and was willing to patiently listen to her entire life story. Lastly, I also wished for Jane to cherish this moment because it was truly rare and pricelessly important.

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