So in Jane Eyre so far, there are several instances in which my lens is portrayed. The most significant ones include: her being an orphan, and her being abused as a child.

Being an orphan, Jane never had a consistant, long-term, Parental figure in her life. When you're deprived of something like that, you typically strive for something or someone to fill that gap in your existence. For Jane, she has so far filled her motherly role with Miss Temple. This is shown by when Miss Temple leaves, Jane feels alone and moves along to Thornsfeild to search for more parental figures. At Thornsfeild she meets Rochester. Even though she finds him more as a partner than a father, many women look for men like their father, therefore making Jane look at Rochester that way. 

Being abused as a child has led Jane to be reclusive, and reluctant to open up. She has many characteristics of insecurity, and not trusting many people, because she feels worthless inside, and doesn't want to be hurt any more than she already has been. 


I've already covered the majority of Jane's underlying causes for her desires, actions, and behaviors, but I think it's time I touched on Rochester more. In the more recent chapters, Rochester's past has been exposed more. He's been exposed on having many mistresses, and even a wife. Rochester's underlying drive to persue Jane more than he has with previous girls (in my opinion, and through my lens) is that he sees Jane as a way to wash away those past experiences, and start fresh, as long as he can hide Bertha, and not say too much about his exes. Once the Bertha secret is let out, Rochester goes into panic mode, and is driven to push Jane around more and tell her what to do because he feels exposed and the need to retain the control of the situation, which he feels a lack of. Basically, for what I've seen, Rochester's driving force to persue Jane, is that she will be his "saving grace".

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